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Wim Ruitenburg's oldest people pictures

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August 2003
LC 2003 in Helsinki
On the Esplanade
Saeed Salehi
Wim Ruitenburg
Albert Visser
April 2003
Wim Blok
Francis Pastijn
Peter Jones
Wim Ruitenburg in front
December 2002
TA and RA group:
Xiaoke Bi
Ranjini Kampurath (Girish)
Dan Pryor
Jeremy Vosters
Sangeeta Nelson
Cathy Lie
Jagadeesh Yeturi, Qi Zheng (Angela)
Zach Buelow, Stanley Makalew, Wim Ruitenburg
Amit Arora, Sheng Wang
October 2002,
Nephew Bert, Else Blaschke, Wim, Geertje, Tjerk.
In front of the (farm) house
October 2002
Paul Bankston's
momentary rule of the
Math office
March 2002
Jaime's birthday.
Beth Roucek,
Jaime Piekarski, and
friend Linda
September 2001
State Street, Madison.
Hua Wei Ruan, Hang Liu,
Craig Struble, me,
Cara Struble, Lingtao Zeng
June 2001
Birthday party, Ruinen
Commencement, May 2001
Chaohua Wang shakes hands with Bob Wild
Cynthia (Yan Cui) also graduates
(Picture by Dan Johnson)
Thanksgiving 2000
stop at Holy Hill,
with Lingtao Zeng
November 2000
Teaching and Learning
with Lilly Moeller,
Lingtao Zeng,
and Haiqing Zhang
January 2000
Thomas Pastijn and
Amanda Mickelson
August 1999
Logic Colloquium Utrecht
with Saeed Salehi
August 1997
100m over Utrecht
On the Domtoren
Bert, Piet, Wim
More July 1997
Canoeing with
Qiang Ma, Chunyi Song,
me and others
July 1997
Canoeing with
Mike and Tim Slattery,
Tanya Ershova and brother,
Noordzij family
plus Erwin Kerssenberg,
December 1996
May 1996
Pi Mu Epsilon
Math Honors Society
Eric Olson, Sheila Ross
Ryan Kasprzak, Clarisa De Franco
Keith Kruepke
Marquette Computer
Society, Spring 1996
Tania McCall (co-chair),
Matt Brumbaugh (treasurer),
Anurup Joseph (president),
Joe Carpenter (co-chair),
Mike Bilenkis (marketing/publicity director),
Paul Tambornino (vice-president).
Not shown: Robb Dubinski (secretary)
May 1995
Azadeh, Fattaneh,
Mohammad Ardeshir
Sorry, no Shervin
October 1994
Halloween with
Shirin Nageli, ?,
?, Prasith Baccam,
Tanya Ershova
March (?) 1994
Koningsplein Amsterdam,
Don Pedro and his Posse
May 1993
Waddenzee, near
Fishing with Piet's
August (?) 1991,
Hakfort, Amsterdam.
Algorithms in Algebra,
A First Course.
Coauthor Bert
Amsterdam 1991 (?),
nieces and nephews
August 1990
With John Simms
in a Kyoto restaurant
(Picture by Iseki)
August 1988
P.C. Ruitenburg
with Lambiek
at Ruinerdijk
D. Ruitenburg
and Laura
at the organ,
January 1986
New Orleans
Elbert and Carol Walker,
Barry MacKichan
June 1985
Piet Ruitenburg,
son Cor,
grandson Bert,
greatgrandson Tjerk
March 1985
Wim Ruitenburg
and Milwaukee
Police Chief
Robert Ziarnik
Spring 1984
Across the border
in Juarez
(picture by Bill Julian)
December 1983
My last
family Christmas
in Utrecht
May 1983
Las Cruces, NM
Ray Mines,
Wim Ruitenburg,
Fred Richman
8 June 1982
Domplein, Utrecht
A. van der Sluis
J.R. Strooker
E.M.J. Bertin
A.F. Monna
D. Siersma
D. van Dalen
A.S. Troelstra
T.A. Springer
H.P. Barendregt
(F.D. Veldkamp and F. Oort invisible)
family portrait
(Nachtwacht, Rembrandt)
Frans Banning Cocq and
Willem van Ruytenburch