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Wim Ruitenburg's people pictures

Last updated: February 2013
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December 2011.
Cudahy Hall,
top floor.
Putnam team with Katie Sherman,
me, Naimul Alam,
Silvester (Chuang) Yao, Michael Selchow,
Alyssa Digilio, Tim Pflugrad,
José Mora, Samuel Hokamp,
and Eleanore Dias.
March 2010
Cudahy Hall
pizzas with.
Katerina Kiriazopoulos,
Anthony Rosati,
Elizabeth Siebenlist,
Nicole Ward,
Colin Dillon, and
Courtney Weibel
August 2009
Hales Corners
Cash for Clunkers.
June 2009.
top floor Van Vleck.
Ben Ellison, Emma, Wim.
Jon Fleischmann, Paul Bankston, Joe Miller.
Peter Vranas and Steffen Lempp.
July 2008,
Buca di Beppo,
Tom, Max, Amanda;
Wim; and
Bill and Hilde.
December 2007,
UW at Parkside.
Paul Bankston,
Mark Fuller,
John Simms,
and Tom Drucker
September 1983 and earlier.
Organ Mountains
New Mexico.
Ronald Ausbrooks, Wim,
and Wojciech (Wojtek) Golik.
May 2007,
Katowice Poland,
Ewa, Anna, and Tomasz
Połacik, and Wim
December 2006,
Student Union.
Dan McGinn,
Jon Fleischmann,
Ben Ellison
December 2006,
Marja and Thijs
are moved by
Joke, Chris, and Wim

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