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Schedule Spring 2014

Date Time Speaker Institute Title Host
10th 1-2PM Sarah Hamilton  University of Helsinki  Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging: Introduction to Electrical Impedance Tomography  
17th   1-2PM    Pablo Seleson Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences
 University of Texas at Austin
  Multiscale Material Modeling with Mesoscopic Models  
27th  1-2PM Feng Chen   Division of Applied Mathematics
Brown University
GPU Spectral Method and Stable Parareal method for Large-scale Problems in Computational Science  
 7th   3-4PM    Anindya Bhadra   Dept. Statistics
Purdue University
High-Dimensional Joint Bayesian Variable and Covariance Selection: Applications in eQTL Analysis and Cancer Genomics  Mehdi Maadooliat
21st   3-4PM Stephen Yau  School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering
Arizona State University
  Human Factors in Trustworthy Intelligent Service-based Systems   Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
7th 3-4PM David Dahl  Dept. Statistics
Brigham Young University
Random Partition Distribution Indexed by Pairwise Information  Mehdi Maadooliat
21st 3-4PM Tamer Kahveci Dept. Computer and Information Science and Engineering
University of Florida
Biological Networks: Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities   Serdar Bozdag
27th(Th) 3-4PM Melanie Wood Dept. Mathematics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Chemistry of Primes   Wim
4th   3-4PM   Yao Zhang Argonne National Laboratory   Rapid, Automated Computer Architecture Exploration for Full-Scale Applications  Rong Ge
11th   3-4PM   Santosh Kumar   Dept. Computer Science
University of Memphis
  Computational Modeling of Human Behaviors from Mobile Sensors   Sheikh Ahamed
15th (Tu) 3-4PM Cricket Liu DNS Security: Threads and Solutions Infoblox Steve Goodman
25th   3-4PM   Syed Kirmani
Dept. Mathematics  
Northern Iowa University
Some Results on Consecutive Records Gholamhossein Hamedani
2nd   3-4PM    Mandana A. Yazdani Human Genetics Center and Division of Biostatistics
University of Texas
  The Difference between Association and Causation   Gholamhossein Hamedani

Schedule Fall 2013

Date Time Speaker Institute Title Host
13th   3-4PM   Marc Kjerland  University of Illinois in Chicago Linear Response Closure Approximation for Two-Timescale Systems  Elaine Spiller
20th  3-4PM Stephen Merrill MSCS
Marquette University
Computational Sciences at the FDA   
27th  3-4PM   Rong Ge   MSCS
Marquette University
 Efficient High Performance Heterogeneous Computing   
4th 3-4PM   Ting Lin Civil Engineering
Marquette University
Hazard, Risk and Uncertainty Quantification: From Earthquakes to Climate Change  Rong Ge
11th 3-4PM Kehinde Faronbi  MSCS
Marquette University
Maintaining a Balanced Ecosystem: Estimating Survivability or Susceptibility of Species in the Ecosystem  
25th 3-4PM Niharika Jain,
Mary Kociuba,
Jahangir A.K. M. Majumder 
Marquette University
Affective Computing in the Area of Autism
Representing Spatial Correlations in Terms of Temporal Frequencies to Examine Spectral Content of Processing Induced Correlated Voxels and Clinical Interpretations
A Smart Fall Prevention System
1st 3-4PM Serdar Bozdag  MSCS
Marquette University
Discovering Biological Basis of Age-Related Survival Disparities in Brain Cancer: A Bioinformatics Approach  
8th 3-4PM Sriram Chellappan Computer Science
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Assessing Human Behavior from Internet Usage - From Mental Health to Cyber Security Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed  
15th 3-4PM Sankha S. Basu

Department of Mathematics

   Pennsylvania State University

A Model of Intuitionism Based on Turing Degrees   
22nd   Muge Karaman,
Iain Bruce,
Md Gani
Marquette University

Schedule Fall 2014
Date Time Speaker Institute Title Host
24th   3-4PM Roxie Peck      Rebecca Sanders
21st   3-4PM Carl Chang Iowa State University    Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed

Rong Ge, rong dot ge at marquette dot edu

Colloquium Talk location/time
Unless specified explicitly, the talks begin at 3:00pm on Fridays in Room 401 at the Cudahy Hall. Please call (414)288-7573 with any questions.