Bruce Goff

It seemed a shame not to involve Bruce Goff in this website somehow. Here's a photo of him at work in his studio in 1962 with his cat, Chiaroscuro (previously owned by Doug Harris).

Tulsa Club Building
This building was one of Bruce Goff's early projects.

Modern Landmarks
This list of modern houses built in Houston between 1950 and 1975 includes a picture of a house built for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Durst by Bruce Goff in 1960.

The UnOfficial Bartlesville, OK Home Page
Goff lived and worked in Bartlesville, Oklahoma from 1956 to 1964. Read about the current-day town on this web page.

The following images (except for the interior view of the door of the Price Studio) were taken (without permission) from the book "Bruce Goff:Toward Absolute Architecture" by David G. DeLong, MIT Press (1988).

Bavinger House
The Eugene Bavinger house, near Norman Oklahoma, 1950. Here's a plan showing lower levels. While this looks like a drawing out of a fantasy-land story, the house was really built as you can see in this photo.

Crystal Chapel
If this chapel reminds you of the Air Force Academy, that's because it served as the inspiration for the Academy's chapel. Here's a photo of a model of the chapel.

The Price Studio
This house built for Joe Price has some spectacular interior views. The front door had elaborate stained glass designs. Here are several different images.

Watercolor Paintings
Here is another painting by Goff.

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