Tae Kwon Do Stick Death Fighter Arena

This is a two player game.

First to three wins is the winner.

Head shots do twice as much damage as body shots.

Kicks do twice as much damage as punches.

You take twice as much damage if you are attacking when you are hit.

High Punches move opponent down, Kicks move them up, and Low Punches move them back hard.

Punches are quick, but only hit close and weak. Kicks have long range and are strong, but are slow.

Player 1 controls:

HP: z

LP: x

K: c

U: w

D: s

L: a

R: d

Player 2 controls:

HP: m

LP: ','

K: '.'

U: i

D: k

L: j

R: l

Restart game: '0'