Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, PhD

Professor & Chair, Department of Computer Science
Marquette University
1313 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233, USA
Phone: 414-288-5222
Fax: 414-288-5472
Email: sheikh.ahamed (at) mu.edu
Office: 386 Cudahy Hall
Current Graduate Students
Md Osman Gani (PhD)
Golam M Tanimul Ahsan (PhD)
Drew Williams (PhD)
Md Kamrul Hasan (PhD)
Mohammed Balfas (PhD)
Piyush Saxena (PhD)
Md. Fitrat Hossain (PhD)
Jiachen Ma (PhD)
Zhou Wu (PhD)
Tanvir Roushan (MS)
Amit Kumar Saha (MS)
Jiayi Xin (MS)
Nasser Alkhathri (MS)

Courses Taught
MSCS 6355: Mobile Computing
MSCS 5931/COSC 4931: Topics in Computer Science
MSCS 6340: Component Architecture
COSC 4998: Senior Design Project
MSCS 6050: Elements of Software Development
COSC 4920: Principles of Design