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Excused from the Final Exam?



Here is the offer:

There are several high-quality MOOCS courses being offered on computer operating systems and sub-topics of this course. Some I found are listed below. If you

  1. Request permission from Dr. Corliss before February 20 with
    1. Name of the course you wish to take
    2. Name of offering institution
    3. URL for course description
  2. Receive his approval
  3. Submit to Dr. Corliss by May 4 a certificate of MOOCS course completion
you will be excused from the final examination in this course. More specifically, you will be credited as earning a score of 98 on the final exam.

A similar offer may apply if you earn an appropriate professional certificate (approved in advance by Dr. Corliss).

For "certificate of MOOCS course completion," I will accept almost any evidence of completion from the course offerer. It can be an email stating you have finished, a screen capture of a final screen, or other evidence, since sometimes an official certificate costs money.

I am open to negotiations on this offer until February 20, the day before the first mid-term exam. If you have a proposal, I invite you to talk with me. After the first mid-term, the offer is over.

MOOCS on Operating Systems Topics

This list is NOT exhaustive; you are welcome to suggest others of comparable scope.

From Coursera:

Computer Networks

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction, Protocols and Layering
  • Physical and Link layers
  • Retransmissions, Multiple access, Switching
  • Network layer, Internetworking
  • Intra- and Inter-domain Routing
  • Transport layer, Reliability
  • Congestion Control
  • DNS, Web/HTTP, Content Distribution
  • Quality of Service and Real-time Apps
  • Network Security

Internet History, Technology, and Security

Always open

What you will learn: After this course, you will not take the Internet and Web for granted. You will be better informed about important technological issues currently facing society. You will realize that the Internet and Web are spaces for innovation, and you will get a better understanding of how you might fit into that innovation. If you get excited about the material in this course, it is a great lead-in to taking a course in Web design, Web development, programming, or even network administration. At a minimum, you will be a much wiser network citizen.

Cryptography I

About the Course: Cryptography is an indispensable tool for protecting information in computer systems. This course explains the inner workings of cryptographic primitives and how to use them correctly. Students will learn how to reason about the security of cryptographic constructions and how to apply this knowledge to real-world applications. The course begins with a detailed discussion of how two parties who have a shared secret key can communicate securely when a powerful adversary eavesdrops and tampers with traffic. We will examine many deployed protocols and analyze mistakes in existing systems. The second half of the course discusses public-key techniques that let two or more parties generate a shared secret key. We will cover the relevant number theory and discuss public-key encryption and basic key-exchange. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to many exciting open problems in the field.

Usable Security

Course Syllabus

Introduction to HCI, usable security, and design

  • Usability
  • Mental and psychological models
  • Design methodology

Measuring and evaluating usability

  • Usability studies
  • Iterative design


  • Password systems
  • Two-factor authentication and other alternative schemes
  • Biometrics

Web browsing and security

  • Tracking
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Secure browsing

Usability and Privacy

  • Personal data sharing
  • Privacy policies / data sharing
  • Personal trait Inference

Software Security

Course Syllabus

In addition to a brief introductory sequence, the course is broken into six units, one per week:

  • Low-level, memory-based attacks, including stack smashing, format string attacks, stale memory access attacks, and return-oriented Programming (ROP)
  • Defenses against memory-based attacks, including stack canaries, non-executable data (aka W+X or DEP), address space layout randomization (ASLR), memory-safety enforcement (e.g., SoftBound), control-flow Integrity (CFI)
  • Web security, covering attacks like SQL injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS), Cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and Session hijacking, and defenses that have in common the idea of input validation
  • Secure design, covering ideas like threat modeling and security design principles, including organizing ideas like favor simplicity, trust with reluctance, and defend in depth; we present real-world examples of good and bad designs
  • Automated code review with static analysis and symbolic execution, presenting foundations and tradeoffs and using static taint analysis and whitebox fuzz testing as detailed examples
  • Penetration testing, presenting an overview of goals, techniques, and tools of the trade

Cloud Computing Concepts I

Cloud Computing Concepts II

About the Courses: Cloud computing systems today, whether open-source or used inside companies, are built using a common set of core techniques, algorithms, and design philosophies-all centered around distributed systems. Learn about such fundamental distributed computing "concepts" for cloud computing. Some of these concepts include:

  • Clouds, MapReduce, key-value stores
  • Classical precursors
  • Widely-used algorithms
  • Classical algorithms
  • Scalability
  • Trending areas

You will also watch interviews with leading managers and researchers, from both industry and academia.

Understand how these techniques work inside today's most widely-used cloud computing systems. Get your hands dirty using these concepts with provided homework exercises. In the optional programming track, implement some of these concepts in template assignments provided in C++ programming language.

There are MANY more. Find one you like and send me a proposal.

From Udacity:

Introduction to Operating Systems
Offered at Georgia Tech as CS 8803

Course Summary
Introduction to Operating Systems is a graduate-level introductory course in operating systems. This course teaches the basic operating system abstractions, mechanisms, and their implementations. The core of the course contains concurrent programming (threads and synchronization), inter process communication, and an introduction to distributed operating systems. The course is split into four sections: (1) Introduction, (2) Process and Thread Management, (3) Resource Management and Communication, and (4) Distributed Systems.

Why Take This Course?
The goals of this course are three-fold.

  1. Students will understand the rationale behind the current design and implementation decisions in modern OS's (like Linux) by considering the historic evolution of various OS constructs
  2. Students will be exposed to theoretical knowledge regarding operating systems principles and implementation
  3. Students will gain knowledge via experimenting and evaluating various OS aspects in a practical manner

Advanced Operating Systems: Abstractions and Virtualization

Course Summary
In this course, we will see all the advances that have led to the state-of-the-art operating system that we know today, covering variety of platforms -- cell phones, multi-core, parallel systems, distributed systems, and cloud computing.

Why Take This Course?
This course is a journey to understanding the role played by the Operating System in providing the rich user experience afforded to modern applications by today's computers. Along the way, we highlight the symbiotic relationship between hardware and software that makes it possible for the computer and OS to provide a pleasing user experience.

Prerequisites and Requirements
Students are expected to have taken an undergraduate OS course, or have some experience in industry. A good understanding of the concepts in a standard textbook such as "Operating Systems Concepts," Silberschatz and Galvin (or its equivalent) will be assumed in this course. Students must also be comfortable with UNIX and C programming.

Applied Cryptography


  • Lesson 1: Perfect Ciphers
    What makes certain ciphers perfect, how the Lorenz Cipher was broken
  • Lesson 2: Symmetric Encryption
    Sending messages when two people share a secret
  • Lesson 3: Key Exchange
    Technics [sic.] to establish a shared secret
  • Lesson 4: Asymmetric Encryption
    Exchanging information using public key cryptosystems
  • Lesson 5: Public Key Protocols
    Encrypted key exchange, certificates, secure commerce
  • Lesson 6: Using Cryptographic Primitives
    How cryptography can be useful for anonymizing communication, voting, and digital cash
  • Lesson 7: Secure Computation
    Computing without exposing data

Computer Networking: Security and Software Defined Networking

Course summary:
This course covers advanced topics in Computer Networking such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Data Center Networking and Content Distribution. The course is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 is about the implementation, design principles and goals of a Computer Network and touches upon the various routing algorithms used in CN (such as link-state and distance vector).
  • Part 2 talks about resource control and content distribution in Networking Applications. It covers Congestion Control and Traffic Shaping.
  • Part 3 deals with the operations and management of computer networks encompassing SDN's (Software Defined Networks), Traffic Engineering and Network Security.

Also, see iversity


Here are some comments from students who completed MOOCS courses.


"The course was great; I am very happy I took it. It gives a lot of context as to how certain practices developed and allows one to see not only how something happens but also why it happens that way. I particularly enjoyed the lesson on the Enigma machine and the project at Bletchley Park. It really shows how computer science has played a major role history and continues to affect our lives on a large scale. Overall the class wasn't too bad at all."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"It was actually really informative, especially towards the second half of the course. A lot of information on the backside of the internet, was really interesting."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I liked the course a lot! I learned a lot about the history of computers/internet that I had not known before, as well as many individuals' contributions. It was really interesting to watch the interviews with certain people who basically invented the internet - kind of mind blowing to realize how young all of it actually is. I understood the overall concepts of how the technology works, although some of it went a little too in depth for me to follow. Overall, it was a well paced course, and I enjoyed it."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I really enjoyed this course! Some topics discussed were a little more interesting than others. I personally really liked the weeks on security. I've always had a curiosity about internet security so getting an introduction to things like encryption was extremely interesting. This course has encouraged me to want to learn more about security, and I'm hoping to find some kind of class on it over the summer."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

Marquette has a Security program. Talk with Dr. Perouli in MSCS for details. Also:
  1. See Information and Cyber Defense Specialization
  2. See April 13 workshop on Cyber Risks, Trends, and Predictions
  3. See Towards Securing Social Robots

"The course was really interesting! I enjoyed learning about the various topics and appreciated the option to opt of the final in exchange for its completion. If it were not for this opportunity, I would not know about the early history of the Internet!"
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I found the class to be very interesting and not at all what I thought it would be. It wasn't as dry as I thought it would be and had quite a few interesting stories about various aspects of the development of the infrastructure for the Internet."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I found the class to be very interesting and not at all what I thought it would be. It wasn't as dry as I thought it would be and had quite a few interesting stories about various aspects of the development of the infrastructure for the Internet."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The class went well. There was a lot of content for being a relatively short course, but I learned a lot from it. There were a combination of quizzes and actual programming projects that supplemented the material. The projects were great for understanding the material more and relating theory to practice."
- Completed Software Security

"I enjoyed the course. I always enjoy learning about Turing. I did a speech on him back in high school, so I had a little background into his work and his life, but this course shed more light upon that period in history than my prior research had. "
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course was very interesting and it actually went over stuff that helped a bit with understanding this last homework assignment. The videos kept my attention and it was simple enough to follow along every week. It wasn't like any class I've taken here and I feel knowing the history of technology and internet has given me a deeper appreciation for the technology we have access to right now."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I really enjoyed the course. I got excited when the ping assignment came up because I thought I could apply some of the concepts I had covered at that point in the course, but unfortunately, the ping assignment focused more on packet design and switching, while the MOOCS course had been covering routing and security threats more in detail. I still found it to be a strong affirmation of my desire to take the networks and internet's course with Dr. Perouli next fall. Networks had been a topic I always found interesting but knew little about beside my own little ventures learning about port-forwarding to set up game servers. I think having the incentive to take this course was the extra push forward I needed to really get a better understanding of networks and gain the desire to want to learn even more. Overall it turned out to be more beneficial to me beyond just getting out of having to take the final."
- Completed Udacity - Computer Networking

"I took the class to get out of the final and ended up really enjoying it. I would highly recommend it to future students for both aspects."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"It was good! It was especially helpful when I was reviewing for the midterms and got sick of going over notes since a lot of it was reinforcing what we did in class."
- Completed Introduction to Operating Systems

"The class went pretty well, I think. I definitely have a greater understanding of software security in terms of both language bugs and web software design. Some web concepts learned from OS helped in understanding some web based attacks like XSS and SQL injection. I wish the quizes were still free so I could have tested my understanding more."
- Completed Software Security


"I have learned a great deal about the internet in that it was so dense and complex. It was very interesting to learn how there are so many different ways or processes for a packet to travel from one computer or server to another. I also plan to pursue in internet security, so I thought that this was a great way to learn about how the internet works first before actually learning how to prevent any internet worms or viruses. I also liked how we were learning all the various internet protocols and tools in class when I was finishing up this class, so it went more smoothly. I would suggest future classes to taking this class if they would like to know in depth detail about how the computers interact or want to pursue in the development of networking."
- Completed Computer Networking

"I can safely say that the internet is a VERY complicated system and really opened my eyes as to why some of the design choices were made and why change to the IP layer to accommodate IPv6 would be very difficult. I also don't really believe in the end-to-end argument, the network infrastructure itself should have some ability manage its own traffic and have some decent amount of security. This way the philosophy of "best effort" could result in a guarantee."
- Completed Computer Networking

"I honestly really liked the course. It explained a lot of things that I originally had no clue about (like how, as a kid, I always had to get off the computer when my Grandma wanted to call someone). I finally understand what an IP address really is, instead of just talking about them at work as if I knew what they were. Also this was a great introduction to internet security, even though there was only about two hours of material on it (which is great because I'll be working on mobile security on my co-op this summer). All in all, I think it was a great course and was glad I took the time to take the course, and really try to comprehend the material. It also helped me learn a lot of the things employers expect you to know after graduating, though aren't necessarily taught taught in college (or if they are, are not a required course). I think the MCOOS option is a great addition to the COEN 4820 course and would greatly suggest keeping it around for future years."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I thought the course was okay. The topics covered were fairly interesting, since I did not know much about the workings of the internet going into the course. Much of the materials involved lengthy interviews with the people who were involved in the creation of the computers, protocols, security solutions, and so on. This was partly a good thing because it was interesting to hear about those from the people who created them, and they clearly knew all about them. But they were not always the best public speakers, so it was sometimes hard to follow their points. So overall, the topics were interesting, even if the presentation often wasn't."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course went in more depth than I was expecting in many of the topics it covered, and was more technical than a standard history course. I was pleasantly surprised."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course itself was very fun to be a part of! Overall it felt like a quick 101 course of how the Internet works before someone takes a real Networks course and the content was simple and easy to follow. It was strange at first being lectured by video and then taking quizzes after each "chapter" but eventually I got the hang of it. I will mention however that I understood the layer system a bit better when it was explained in class as opposed to lectures but this may be because I haven't been exposed to a lot of network terminology and all it's abbreviations yet. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to learn more about computers outside of the classroom!"
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I actually learned a lot in the course! Prior to taking it, I was not very knowledgeable on any of the subjects covered. It was interesting to hear how the internet came to be, but my favorite modules those on the topic of security. I found the videos to be somewhat engaging and for the most part the quizzes followed the course content. Thank you for the opportunity to take this online course!"
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I really enjoyed the content of the course, though it was difficult to keep myself on the weekly schedule. It was nice that I could work ahead if I had the spare time or catch up if I fell behind. I will definitely use Coursera in the future."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"It was very interesting. I have a little side job working with Internet equipment, but it was humbling to know there was so much out there that I still didn't know about the history, and future, of the technology that I use almost every day."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course was definitely interesting. The lessons from the last couple weeks were loosely related to our current assignment, which I thought was neat as well."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I think this is really good course overall. It's really good supplement material for this class. I would say 70%- 80% of the materials are the same with our class but introduced with a different approach. The graphing charts shown in videos are really helpful for understanding concepts like scheduling and memory management. The only downside is that these videos are fairly long comparing to other options to replace the final. Each lesson takes about 90 - 120 mins, and there are 19 of them. So I wouldn't recommend this option for somebody who has a standard 18 credits semester as an Engineering /CS major student."
- Completed Introduction to Operating Systems

"I really enjoyed it! I've been toying around with my own home network and trying to make our entire house more connected and secure. This really helped me understand what exactly is going on. Also, it helped me understand the recent lectures we had on these topics."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"Overall, I thought it was pretty good. I'd recommend it to other students taking this class in the future. I like learning about CS history because most of it is really recent. For example, a few weeks ago I was in Palo Alto, and the hotel I was staying at had a plaque on the wall saying it was in that hotel Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn designed TCP in '73.

"I also thought the lessons were useful because they obviously wasn't as in depth as a full networking class would be, but it was a nice overview, and a fair amount of the material was new to me. On a side note, a few weeks ago one of the online lessons talked about the traceroute command you were using on Friday, and playing with that very much impressed my non-CS roommate. "
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"It was great, I enjoyed it a lot. I found the history part to be very interesting, and the security and technology part of the course tied in well with the OS lectures. As both courses touched on the techonlogy behind the internet (like what we did on friday with the layered structure of the internet) and security (encryption/decryption and how the public key system works). I thought it helped a lot to go more in depth about how security works over the internet, and I hope it pays off (probably will) to allready have some bit of experience learning about the layered architecture for the upcoming lectures and this homework assignment."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I genuinely enjoyed this course - I'm taking F. Thomas Schwarz's Security class this semester, and a lot of the content was similar, but easier to digest. I think doubling up on the content was good for reinforcement and overall comprehension. I'm thinking that taking another course like this in the future, perhaps in machine learning, or something along those lines, would be a really good idea for career changes and advancement."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I thought the class was very informative. I found the relationship between the history of computing, the technology behind computing principles, and the future of security to be very enlightening. I think it helps to keep in mind how rapid the changes in computing power have been over the last few decades. This class helped me to appreciate both the power and risks associated with today's technology. Highly recommend the class! "
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1 gave an excellent introduction to cloud computing. Most videos throughout the course included multiple choice questions, so it was easy to keep track of important concepts. The course featured everything from the foundation of cloud networks to algorithms behind cloud computing. In addition to everything else, every week included an interview with a professional in the field to share their experience with cloud computing. If you are interested in clustered systems of storage and computation accessed via network, I highly recommend this course to any other students considering."
- Completed Cloud Computing

"I enjoyed the class more than anything because I was previously woefully incompetent as far as internet communications go. Above all, I found the chapters about the introduction of the ARPANET to major universities and the way modern public/private key encryption works most interesting. The encryption chapter was also very helpful to have underneath my belt when we talked about the same material in OS and did the email demonstration. The covered material on hashing, while mostly a review, was still very interesting.

"The one thing I did wish was covered in more detail, though, was how it is possible to make something you know can be decrypted with some set of information that you don't have. I mean, I get the concept of encrypting with your own public key, and decrypting with your private key, as well as the fact that your private key is one of the two factors of your public key, but I still don't really understand exactly how the encryption or decryption works, and I definitely wouldn't be able to write code that did it myself if I needed to.

"Overall, though, it was a very interesting course, and will make me put the University of Urbana-Champaign a bit higher on my list of colleges to look at, considering how involved they were as internet project as a whole stared up. "

- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The class was interesting! Sometimes I wished they went a little more technical but it was very useful in explaining the concepts we take for granted in the black box that is the Internet. I really enjoyed the interviews with the people that shaped the web. Brandon Eich and Robert Metcalfe were very interesting and given my computer engineering background I was very impressed with their thought processes and the ideas they explored as they created their respective inventions. Overall, a very useful class that cleared up a lot of hazy ideas about how we have the internet we use today."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"This was a very interesting course that showed the history of the technologies we rely on today, which sometimes we don't have enough time to cover in most of our classes in engineering. Thank you for opening this opportunity to the class!"
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"It was really informative actually! I ended up applying to pkware for a summer internship, so I found the sections on encryption especially exciting."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"First of all I have to say, this course is interesting. It gives me a briefly overview of Internet history. In my former opinion, I thought that internet technology was designed long, long ago. But through the lecture, I know that people who developed these projects are still active in their fields. And the way they work it out is by divide big problems into smaller problems. I think this idea to deal with problems is the most valuable stuff I learned apart from the online course."
- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"It was really helpful! It gave me a broad understanding of the internet history effectively. I think I can introduce myself as a computer science major student with more confidence than before, since I got extended knowledge about internet and computer with this course. It was worth the time.

"The most impressive part was the interview section. They were all amazing pioneers, so it was quite inspiring. When I do not feel like doing my projects, interviewees from this course encouraged me to return to my laptop and work on the project.

"To be honest, I was a little bit worried at first because of my English. My English listening skill is poor since I'm an exchange student. However, my fears that I might fail to understand the course proved to be unfounded. Coursera provided nicely synchronized subtitles and Dr. Chuck explained everything in simple terms. I discovered that there are tons of interesting courses in Coursera. Thank you for introducing Coursera to me. Coming back home, I'd suggest professors in _____ to include some Coursera courses in the curriculum."

- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I particularly enjoyed the security portion of the course, and how hash values in conjunction with a secret key are used to ensure data has not been compromised in transit. Very interesting."

- Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"The course had some very interesting sections and some not so much. I very much enjoyed learning about Tor and the very basics of bitcoins. These topics are both very prevalent in today's push for anonymity. This course was however very math intensive and that was very interesting to start, but got very repetitive and time consuming as the class wore on. I would recommend anybody who takes this class in the future is ready to do some probability calculations and learn python on the fly. Overall I am glad I took the time to take this course and learn a little more about the seemingly impossible journey to actually fully protect information." - Completed Applied Cryptography

"I am of a fan of the course. I think the instructor did a good job of holding attention even with the lack of face-to-face interaction. The content was also interesting and tied in well to what we have been learning in o/s. I saw that the website offers a course in learning Python and I'm thinking about signing up for that during the summer!" - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course was excellent, the material was relevant as our class's topics shifted into operating systems as they pertain to networks. The course covers the history that led to the foundations of modern computing and networks, which made a nice pairing to the theory we covered in class. Thank you again for encouraging me to take advantage of getting the most out of this class." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course was very interesting! I was impressed with how well the course balanced technical details with meaningful history. I learned a lot about how certain web/computing standards work, but also about why they developed that way. Obviously it's not as much technical details as this section of our O.S. class, but it was an incredibly detailed overview. I enjoyed it." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course was extremely interesting. Considering I use the internet on a daily basis, I was a little embarrassed at how little I knew about it. I feel like I should have already known a bit about its history and how it works on a lower level. I enjoyed the instructor and found it cool to hear from the people who a direct impact on the technology - it was neat to get their perspectives. I am very glad I chose this course!" - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course was a bit challenging, but still very interesting. My favorite lecture of the course would probably have to be the Ethernet Story from Week 5. It was really cool to hear how the "Rat's Nest" problem was solved by observing the Aloha Net used in Hawaii for transmitting radio signals and applying tools such as the Gerald Tap from the cable television industry to help tap into a network without taking it down. Also, I just thought it was really cool to hear about Charles Simony who became a billionaire for pretty much creating Microsoft Office. I had never heard of this guy and yet have used his software throughout the majority of my life." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course was much of a tune up from what I previously learned in computer security with a bit more depth in internet history as you would expect. Would definitely recommend it to any future OS student." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"This was a great supplement to the class! Definitely would recommend for those who might get a little loss during lecture and for anyone thinking about this particular online class, schedule 2 to 3 hours for the videos and taking notes since it parallels our OPSYS class so well." - Completed Introduction to Operating Systems

"It contained a lot of interesting information on how the different parts of the internet got started. I found pretty interesting." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I appreciate that you offer this opportunity to us, I probably would not have come across these types of courses otherwise and I learned quite a bit about the developments in internet and security technology from well before my time." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I thought that the course was very interesting because in our computer engineering courses we never discuss the history of computers and how they evolved. It was neat to hear about Alan Turing's enigma machine and World War 2 started the need for computers. It also made me appreciate the internet more because of the geniuses that developed the internet and the different protocols that make it so u seful to this day." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"The course was good overall. As my first online class, I was hesitant once I learned everything was to be taught via a recording from a webcam and with no live interaction between the teacher and students. I became more comfortable with the class after the second week or so as I got used to the professors teaching styles and the flow of the class. I found benefits in being able to replay certain moments in lectures as many times as I like for a better understanding and could easily look back on prior lessons with a few clicks. The content of the course was also good. There was a successful flow from one topic to another, and the professor did a nice job covering a large amount of information while keeping it interesting. It wasn't our professors first time teaching this online class, so things ran smoothly and with purpose. Well worth my time." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I enjoyed it! I especially found interesting the ways different technologies or innovations were initially created for a particular purpose, like a research experiment, and then the innovation turned into being widely used and the standard for everyone. It is interesting how some of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in many fields often times were created for an entirely different, and often much smaller, purpose." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I enjoyed the insight that the course provided, especially the earlier lessons on Bletchley Park and Alan Turing. I love history and to be able to learn about the origins of today's technological infrastructure was very interesting! Throughout the course, I could not help but be reminded of The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution, by Walter Isaacson, which I read last summer." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I thought it was a great course. I really enjoyed the extra "office hours" videos because I felt like I got to know the professors a little bit from them." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I was pleased with the content of the course. There hasn't been much coverage of networks in our required courses so far and the terminology comes up frequently, so it was good to get a primer on the basics. The history lessons were also helpful in understanding why the Internet is set up the way it is. In terms of difficulty, I thought the course was very manageable." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I really enjoyed the course. Charles Severance was very clear in his lectures, diagrams were helpful and I enjoyed the extra videos that were referenced (i.e. AT&T's old vision of the future). The material was engaging and cleared up many blanks I had regarding the creation and foundation of the internet. Most interesting to me was the concepts and techniques used for internet security and cryptology. Most of all, I was filled with nostalgia hearing the pseudo-commencement speech and having Dr. Charles Severance hand me the course diploma." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I want to say thank you for allowing me to take this class, I was rather very surprised and pleased with my decision on taking this course. I enjoyed learning about Bletchley park (which I knew nothing about), to even learning basic encryption. While at first, I was skeptical about the material that was going to be covered in an online class, I can happily say that this was one of the most informative and enjoyable classes I have taken in my career. I wish Marquette would have a class that covered the same material, I would have easily chosen it for my history elective. Once again thank you for the opportunity." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security

"I am very interested in web development and I do a lot with client server applications at work. Taking that into consideration, I found this course to be very good. I now have a much better idea of the origins of the internet and how it works today. The end of the course featured some very useful information about internet data security and integrity. In conclusion, the course was very informational and I will now be more informed when making web development decisions in the future. The instructor, Dr. Chuck, personally knows many of the people behind the creation of the internet we know today and he presented the information in an abstraction level that was understandable. Thank you Dr. Corliss for giving us this opportunity. I didn't even know that sites like existed until now!"

"I genuinely enjoyed the the course. At first I was unsure how it would relate to your Operating Systems class. However, this course really drove home the point that the internet was built by real people, and isn't some magic communication black-box. I think that concept is especially useful when thinking about operating systems and their design. In both cases, there are a lot of moving parts that make it 'work', and there is a lot of effort that goes into hiding that fact from the end-user. Walking away from the course, not only did I learn a thing or two, but I gained a whole new respect for the people behind the technology that we often take for granted."


"This class was very very interesting; it is cool to watch interviews of all of the people that changed the world." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


Here are some comments from students who completed MOOCS courses. For each student who completed a course, I asked, "What was your experience with the class?" Responses from 22 of 32 students who completed are below.

"It was actually quite beneficial. We talked a lot about how the internet came about and how the internet works. The professor actually taught us quite about about the skits (protocols) that we did on Monday. It gave me a nice background into how the internet works." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I enjoyed the class a lot. I was actually able to fix a problem with my dad's computer because of some of the information which I got from that class. He was having a DNS issue, I won't bore you with the details, but the class definitely helped me with the diagnosis of the problem." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"It gave a background on the internet that has been very beneficial to know this semester (due to its connections to my other courses)." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I really enjoyed learning about the backbone and the history of the internet. It's one of those things that I always wondered about, but never actually really look into. The class also touched on some important people for computer science in general, so it was nice to learn about their contributions as well. All in all, I'm considering taking another class this summer to fill my plentiful free time." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"The class was not very challenging academically as it was just a simple history class for the most part, but I really enjoyed it because as it explained the creation of the different parts of the internet it taught me a lot about the basics of the internet processes and setup we use every day which I formerly had no clue about. I am coming out of it with quite a bit more information on the workings of the internet than I had expected." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"The course didn't devote much time to technical details, which made it a good appetizer for Networks in the fall, but it consistently provided very interesting interviews with some pretty important (and smart) people.
I've recommended it to several friends solely for the value of those interview videos, which cover everything from the politics present at the birth of Mozilla to the development of ARPAnet." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I very much enjoyed this course, it was both interesting and informative." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I found it very interesting and a good way to learn material. I actually plan on enrolling in a few courses this summer for personal growth." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"It was actually very informative. There were many different aspects/protocols of the internet that I was unaware of prior to this course. It also worked out well that encryption was covered in the two classes at roughly the same point, so taking this class acted as a supplement to our OS class." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I actually thought the class was interesting, especially the early history of the internet that he discussed the first couple of weeks. We also covered TCP/IP, which conveniently overlapped with part of our class. Overall I am glad I chose that class!" - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I thought it was a great course. I learned a lot about the Internet's history and how it works right now. The weekly quizzes were helpful in getting his points across and the final was challenging but reasonable." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I really enjoyed the class. It was highly informative! It starts off with the code breakers at Bletchley Park during World War II and the Colossus computer and then builds up to the history of the Internet." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"Its was all the stuff that a computer science major should know in order to call themselves a computer science major. I knew bits and pieces because of the research I had done in the past, but this class is a beautiful compilation and make things more coherent. Thanks!" - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I found it to be quite interesting to learn about how much of the technology we use today was created. I had never taken a class like this before so it was a new experience. Overall, I learned quite a bit and would recommend you keep this option opened for future students. It's a great way to learn something that you otherwise probably would not have the opportunity to learn." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"Overall I thought the class was interesting. It gave me a good idea of where the internet came from and what actually goes into keeping it running among other things." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"My experience with the online class was good. At first I didn't think I would have the time to do another class on top of all my other classes, but it turned out not to be a problem. It was actually more convenient because I could go through the lessons anywhere. As far as the content of the class it was good, too. It was like any class, I learn some new things and a few things I already knew. I definitely learned more new things about the internet and how it works." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"The class was very informative, I learned that this is a lot of history in 20 years the internet has been around. Thanks for introducing me to this concept of taking classes for free online. There are a few classes I am interested in taking over the summer." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I actually enjoyed the class very much. The video lectures that include interviews with several of the internet's pioneers were intriguing, especially when the interview was taken in the late eighties or early nighties. I would also like to add that a lot of what we learned in the MOOC paralleled OS's content during the second half of the semester - a sort of supplement." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I liked the class and would recommend it to any future os students. The class was straightforward (i.e. it was well organized) and very informative. It gave a great inside look at why and how the internet came about with interviews from some of the first internet and web pioneers. It also did a good job of giving a highlevel understanding of what each layer in TCP/IP is suppose to do." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I thought it was a pretty interesting class. There were videos every week that were about whichever topic we were covering that particular week and then there was a quiz to take each week. It wasn't too difficult but the content captured my attention and I was able to learn a lot." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I found the class interesting. It was cool to see how the internet evolved from sending simple messages from one machine to another via phone cables kept evolving into the internet we know today. It was nice that even with firm homework deadlines, the student could watch the lectures on their own time. The peer graded essays provided additional perspective to the class to show on a more personal level how the internet has effected us. Overall I really enjoyed the class." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"If you're wondering about the course, I thought it was very insightful. I enjoyed the fact that the instructor directly interviewed people who significantly influenced the creation/development of the internet. Some lectures had a little too much background info that was boring at times, but I stilled learned a lot about the growth and structure of the internet into what it is today!" - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"It was a good experience, it was good to learn about some of the different things we see on the internet day to day." - Completed Internet History, Technology, and Security


"I found it a little ridiculous the cryptology course didn't have any type of security! I guess that is just how coursera does their certifications though. I enjoyed the class, some of the lectures are very very dry, but provided you watched them, the course work itself is pretty straightforward. Overall, I feel like it was an interesting learning experience. He teaches crypto II, in which I may enroll just to see what's happening next." - Completed Cryptography I


" I found the course a little bit intimidating at times, but I watched the videos every week and attempted to follow the theory in terms of the practical. I did enough to earn a grade in the high 80s. I think to get above a 90, I would have to have more of a background in number theory as some of the math terminology used was too advanced in terms of the assumptions made." - Completed Cryptography I


"I really enjoyed how this class was set up. It was completely at my own pace, and it provided excellent content. They had lecture on many different topics that were always followed by practice problems that made sure you understood the content. After each unit, they had "online office hours" where the professor took questions from students and made a video of his answers. They also had a final that covered everything we had learned. I really enjoyed using this website. They have a large variety of free courses, and I have actually signed up for three more for the summer (HTML5 Game development, Programming Languages, and Interactive 3D Graphics). The only downside is that they are not going to be giving out certificates for their free courses much longer. I will be able to receive them for the classes I'm currently enrolled in, but starting in June, we can't get certificates." - Completed Udacity's Applied Cryptography



NOT Included

The following courses are not included in the "excused from final exam" offer because they are paid, for-credit courses, but you may fine helpful information on the web sites of other similar classes.

Google "online computer operating systems course." Here are some hits I found:

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces, free on-line OS textbook by Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau and Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau -- contributes by Jack Batzner

University of Washington, CSE 451: Operating Systems

University of Washington, CSE 461: Computer Communication and Networks

MIT, Operating System Engineering

Course Description: 6.828 teaches the fundamentals of engineering operating systems. The following topics are studied in detail: virtual memory, kernel and user mode, system calls, threads, context switches, interrupts, interprocess communication, coordination of concurrent activities, and the interface between software and hardware. Most importantly, the interactions between these concepts are examined. The course is divided into two blocks; the first block introduces an operating system, xv6, which runs on x86 SMPs and provides the basic Unix semantics of Unix v6. The second block of lectures covers important operating systems concepts invented after Unix® v6, which was introduced in 1976.

Saylor, Operating Systems

Colorado State University, CS 451 - Operating Systems

University of California - Berkeley, CS162: Operating Systems and Systems Programming


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