Advice on Academic Best Practices
Dr. George Corliss, MU EECE
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Academic Best Practices
Advice from Dr. Corliss




This section gathers together some academic best practices which may help you in your classes and beyond.

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Other sites

Engineering from IEEE Spectrum
With a history spanning 125 years, IEEE continues to serve as an authoritative resource for individuals in the tech sectors of government, industry, and academia worldwide.
The IEEE, IBM, and NY Hall of Science have partnered to launch a website combining information on engineering as a program of study and career choice with interactive activities. Designed for a range of audiences, offers valuable information for school counselors, teachers, parents, and students.


  Best Undergrad College Degrees By Salary

We've all heard that English majors often struggle to make ends meet while electrical engineers rake in the cash. Is that true? Yes, but don't give up hope. Take a look below at our list of best undergrad college degrees by salary and you'll see that the engineers and scientists fare better financially.

Initiative shows math, science are not just for geeks and nerds
By Erica Perez, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Basics of Research Paper Writing and Publishing, Michael Derntl
Local copy
Abstract. Writing and trying to publish research and its findings is an integral part of a researcherís professional life. However, writing is not in every researcherís talent pool, and the obstacles of making reviewers accept the own submission are often nerve-wracking. This paper gives an introductory report on basic issues of writing and organizing scientific papers, and preparing them for submission to a publisher. Additionally, the paper outlines the process of publishing research papers in journals and conference proceedings, aiming to provide interested novices with a helpful guide to paper writing and publishing.

Is Google Making Us Stupid?, by Nicholas Carr
What the Internet is doing to our brains

Very nice IT promo from YouTube
Don't be put off by "IT." In many companies, the work folks like us get hired to do is called "IT." Yes, "IT" usually has something to do with business, in a general sense, but last time I checked, someone has to sell something for our employer to get the money to pay our salary.

Useful article on clarity in science writing
Right your Writing : How to sharpen your writing and make your manuscripts more engaging. By Bob Grant.





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