SSH Secure Shell and File Transfer

How can I get the SSH Secure Shell

Click SSH Secure Shell to download.

How can I login in my pascal account

1. Lanuch SSH Secure Shell.
2. Click Quick Connect button in the toolbar. Or just press Enter or Space to connect. Then you will see a window like followed. Enter as hostname and your_login_name as username, and click Connect.

3. If you are connecting to for the first time, you will see a host identification window informing you about the host public key. Click Yes to save the new host key to the local database. Then the host identification window will not appear in next session.

4. Now you have to enter your_password.

5. For authentication purpose, you have to again enter your_password.

6. Now you will see the prompt like followed.

How can I configure my profile

1. Go to Edit->Settings or just click the settings icon from the toolbar.

2. Click Connection from Profile Settings tree. Enter the hostname of the host that you want to connect most and your_login_name. Click OK.

3. Click Save to save the current settings. From now on, in each session you don't have to enter hostname and username to connect to If you want to connect to some other host, then you need to change the hostname.

How can I upload files into my pascal directory or download files from the directory

1. Click New File Transfer window icon from the toolbar. SSH Secure File Transfer window will appear like below. Now you can transfer files from local drive to your pascal home directory and vice versa.

Updated September 15, 2011by Farzana Rahman