Hi, This is Ferdaus Ahmed Kawsar

I am pursuing my PhD in Computational Sciences Program at the Department of Math, Stat and Computer Science in Marquette Univeristy.


I work with Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed. My research interest includes Human Computer Interaction, Mobile Computing, Pervasive Healthcare, Machine Learning and Time Series Data Analysis. I enjoy applying Mathematical models and statistical tools to solve problems in these fields.


I love playing soccer with friends.  I also enjoy biking by Lake Michigan in Summer. I hope to learn ice skating in near future.

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Last Updated: August 18, 2014


Recent News


-Presented my paper in AMCIS 2014 in Savannah, Georgia

-Attended SIAM 2014 in Chicago

-Presented my paper in ICOST 2014 in Denver Colorado

-Awarded Travel grant to present paper in AMCIS 2014

-Worked as an intern Cisco in the summer of 2013

-Awarded travel grant  for attending workshop of MobiHoc 2012 (June 2012)

-Awarded CSSRP scholarship for research in Summer 2012. (April 2012)

-Attended CHI 2012 in Austin, TX. (May 2012)

-Paper accepted in MobileHealth 2012. (March 2012) 

-Awarded travel grant to attend CHI 2012 in Austin, TX, USA.

-Paper accepted at CHI 2012.

-Passed the comprehensive exam. (January 2012)

-Received M. Sc degree. (January 2012)

- Awarded CSSRP scholarship for research in Summer 2011. (April 2012)



Regular Pentagon: “Kindness does not enter anything except that it beautifies it, and harshness does not enter anything except that it disfigures it.”