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What I do with my time
spectral was the base site for my notes for courses on things like Networking Infrastructure, Networking Applications, Unix System Administration, XML, Java programming. for all of my teaching.
  • I have returned to my first love, topology, and am finishing up a series of papers on various forms of completeness, extending the work of my memori "Structure in Topology" to all topological spaces.
  • PoP is the base site for my work on patterns as related to networking protocols
  • SoC is the base site for my work on separation of concerns in enterprise programming
What I ought to be doing with my time
What I did with my time long ago
Bruce Goff describes my work with the architect Bruce Goff trying to help get his very remarkable buildings constructed. This was prepared for a talk at the Tate Gallery in London in June, 2008, only 40 years after the work was done.
What I would like to do with my time

I have two twin grandchildren Devon and Olivia, who are 10-year-old 5th-graders at this point. They are the smartest, best-looking, and most talented two children ever born (in an unbiased opinion) but they live too far away: in Frisco, Texas, near Dallas where I was born. I'd like to hang around with them before they grow up so much (of course they already have).

This picture is them riding their bikes for their first day at school.

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