Marquette University Wisconsin - Dr Daniel Rowe

Professor of Computational Sciences
Head of Functional Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis Lab
coDirector of Bioinformatics Masters of Science
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
Marquette University

313 Cudahy Hall,
1313 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Phone: 414-288-5228
Fax:  414-288-5472
E-mail: daniel.rowe{at}

Applications are now being accepted for:
MU Computational Sciences PhD Program.
MU Bioinformatics MS Program.

Adjunct Professor of Biophysics
Faculty of the Center for Imaging Research
Department of Biophysics
Medical College of Wisconsin

2062 MAAC Fund Research Center
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226-0509

Phone: 414-456-4027
Fax:  414-456-6512
E-mail: dbrowe{at}

Adjunct Professor in Electrical Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Building
3200 North Cramer St
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413
E-mail: drowe{at}



Recent News

 March 2015: Qualifyer

Lab member Mary's Dissertation Proposal Qualifyer is scheduled for April 22 in CU401. Let's all wish her luck.

 February 2015: ISMRM Abstracts

Lab member Mary Kociuba had two ISMRM abstracts accepted. Congratulations Mary.
Former lab members Andrew Nencka, Andrew Hahn, Iain Bruce, and Muge Karaman also had abstracts accepted. Congratulations everyone!

 January 2015: SAMSI Awards

 Dr. Daniel B. Rowe was just awarded a research fellowship and Mary C. Kociuba a graduate fellowship
to spend the 2015-2016 academic year at the SAMSI (Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute) in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
Dr. Rowe will be a Program Leader and Mary a participant in the 2015-16: Program on Challenges in Computational Neuroscience (CCNS).

 January 2015: Accepted Paper

 Muge Karaman's third paper titled Incorporating Relaxivities to More Accurately Reconstruct MR Images was just accepted in the journal Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Congratulations Muge!

 December 2014: Soref Charitable Trust Grant

 Daniel Rowe, Professor, received a Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Daniel M. Soref Research Award for a project entitled “A Frequency Description of Induced Correlation in FMRI”. This award provides $2,500 for access time on the MCW Center for Imaging Research 7T scanners during the 2015 calendar year.

 December 2014: Hooding

 The doctoral hooding ceremony is on Saturday December 13. Muge will be hooded at at this cerempony. Then Muge will be officially Dr. Karaman!

 December 2014: Lab Space

 Our lab space was moved and expanded. We are now in Cudahy 410. I think we will be more productive in this new space.

 December 2014: Admission

 Lab member Kevin Liu was accepted into the PhD program in Computational Science from the MS program. Congratulations Kevin!

 November 2014: Published Paper

 Muge Karaman's paper titled Quantification of the Statistical Effects of Spatiotemporal Processing of Non-task fMRI Data was published in the journal Brain Connectivity, 4(9):649-661, 2014).

 November 2014: Submitted ISMRM Abstracts

 As a Lab, we submitted four ISMRM abstracts. My fingers are crossed.

 October 2014: New Student

 New student, Kevin Liu has joined the lab. Welcome!

 October 2014: Mary Kociuba Seminar

 Lab member Mary Kociuba presented her research in the MSCS department seminar on October 10.

 September 2014: NIH R21 grant just awarded, to examine the effects of processing in fMRI!

  Dr. Daniel Rowe is the PI recipient of a $385,698 NIH National Institutes of Neurological Disease and Stroke funded R21 to research the effects of image processing on human functional magnetic resonance images (fMRIs) that are used to determine brain activation and connectivity..

 August 2014: New Student

 Emily Paulson has joined the lab. Welcome!

 August 2014: Accepted Paper

 Muge Karaman's paper titled Quantification of the Statistical Effects of Spatiotemporal Processing of Non-task fMRI Data was accepted in the journal Brain Connectivity.

 August 2014: JSM 2014.

 Iain Bruce, Muge Karaman, Mary Kociuba and Dan Rowe presented their new research results at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Boston, MA. Great job everyone!

 July 2014: Left MU.

 Muge Karaman has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Joe Zhao at UIC. Her official title is "Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Center for MR Research - 3T Program (CMRR-3T) in the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)."

 July 2014: PhD Dissertation Defense.

 Muge Karaman PhD Successfully defended her PhD dissertation on July 9. Congratulations Muge.

 July 2014: Travel Award.

 Mary Kociuba has been awarded $900 by the ASA to attend the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) in Boston. This is in addition to the $750 she was awarded by the department.

 June 2014: PhD Dissertation Defense.

 Muge Karaman's PhD dissertation defense is scheduled for July 9 at 10 am in Cudahy 401.

 June 2014: Left MU.

 Iain Bruce has started his a Postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Allen Song Director of the Duke Brain Imaging and Analysis Center. His official title is "Postdoctoral Associate within the Duke/UNC Brain Imaging and Analysis Center (BIAC) at Duke University."

 May 2014: ISMRM.

 Muge Karaman and Iain Bruce presented their work at the ISMRM in Milan, Italy.

 April 2014: CSSRF.

 Mary Kociuba has been awarded the prestegious Computational Sciences Summer Research Fellowship by the MSCS department. She will be researching frequency representations of fMRI over the summer.

 April 2014: Leaving MU.

 Iain Bruce has accepted a Postdoctoral fellowship at the Duke Brain Imaging and Analysis Center. Make us proud Iain.

 March 2014: PhD Dissertation Defense.

 Iain Bruce Successfully defended his PhD dissertation on March 28. Congratulations Iain.

 March 2014: How far will the Panthers and Badgers go?

 WTMJ Radio 620 News Interviews Marquette Statistics Professor about NCAA Basketball Tournament
 Professor Rowe's explains that the number of possible combinations for the NCAA 68 team brackets is over 147 quintillion (147x1018). His advice for those in an office pool: study the history.
 "You can significantly increase your odds by looking at historical data." The probability of a perfect bracket can be increased using seeding information and historical probabilities.
 Hear the interview at

 March 2014: PhD Dissertation Defense.

 Iain Bruce's PhD dissertation defense is scheduled for March 28 at 10 am in Cudahy 401.

 February 2014: ISMRM Accepted Abstracts.

 Bruce IP, Muftuler LT, Rowe DB: Spatial Normalization Can Morph RF Coils into Brain Region Optimized Geometries for fcMRI Studies.
 Karaman MM, Rowe DB, Nencka AS: Decreasing False Positives and Negatives from Spatio-Temporal Processing of FMRI.

 February 2014: Published Paper

 Iain Bruce's paper Mathematical Implications of GRAPPA Magnetic Resonence Image reconstruction published in IEEE-Transactions in Medical Imaging.

 January 2014: Published Paper

 Muge Karaman's paper on DETECT-ING functinal Magnetic Resonence Imaging brain activation model published in Magnetic Resonence Imaging.

 November 2013: Submitted ISMRM Abstracts

 As a Lab, we submitted five ISMRM abstracts. My fingers are crossed.

 October 2013: Accepted Paper

 Lab member Iain Bruce has his paper "Quantifying the Statistical Impact of GRAPPA in fcMRI Data with a Real-Valued Isomorphism" accepted in the journal IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging. Congratulations and great job Iain!

 September 2013: Accepted Paper

 Lab member Muge Karaman has her paper "A Statistical fMRI Model for Differential T2* Contrast Incorporating T1 and T2* of Gray Matter" accepted in the journal Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Congratulations and great job Muge!

 September 2013: Dissertation Proposal Defense

 Lab member Mustafa Farrah passed his dissertation proposal defense at UWM. Congratulations and great job Mustaffa!

 August 2013: Comprehensive Exam

 Lab Member Mary Kociuba passed her written comprehensive exam. Congratulations Mary!

 August 2013: JSM - Session on Recent Advances in Image Analysis

 Dan Rowe presented research titled
 Separation of Several Aliased Images to Increase Volume Speed

 June 2013: SAMSI - Neuro Data Analysis

 Friday 06-14-13 Talk Is My Correlation of Biological Origin?

 May 2013: Workshop on Brain Image Analysis, Madison WI

 Iain P. Bruce, M. Muge Karaman, and Mary Kociuba presented their work.

 April 2013: ISMRM 2013 in Salt Lake City, UT

 Daniel B. Rowe presented work in oral presentation.
 Abstract 0123: Separation of Two Simultaneously Encoded Slices with a Single Coil..
 Iain P. Bruce presented 2 poster presentations.
 Abstract 2229:Artificial Correlations Induced by SENSE and GRAPPA Corrupt fcMRI Conclusions.
 Abstract 2733: SENSE Induced Correlations are Used to Optimize RF Coil Design for Specific fcMRI Studies.
 M. Muge Karaman presented 2 poster presentations.
 Abstract 2232: Temporal Processing of fMRI Data Induces Functional Correlations and Potentially Alters Functional Activations.
 Abstract 2285: Incorporation of Gray Matter T1 and T2* Improves Brain Activation Statistics in fMRI.*
 * Selected for Magna Cum Laude Award.

 March 2013: What are your chances of filling out a perfect bracket?

 CBS 58 News Interviews Marquette Math Professor about NCAA Basketball Tournament
 Professor Rowe Explains that the number of possible combinations for the NCAA 68 team brackets is over 147 quintillion.
 He further went on to describe how the probability of a perfect bracket can be increased using seeding information and historical probabilities.
 See the story at

 January 2012: What the future holds

 "With respect to BOLD fMRI, models have been proposed that predict task-related phase changes (Rowe, 2005; Zhao et al., 2007; Feng et al., 2009) and
 suggest more information on physiological processes in phase than in magnitude (Petridou et al., 2009). If changes in susceptibility can be measured reliably
 based on GRE-EPI data, it will become possible to predict changes in blood susceptibility not only in single, large macro vessels (Sedlacik et al., 2007), but
 also in regions containing randomly orientated blood vessels. Future avenues of QSM will also certainly encompass applications to tissues and organs other
 than the brain (e.g., abdominal or breast imaging),which will have clinical implications and will open possibilities for future research."
 -Jurgen Reichenbach, The future of susceptibility contrast for assessment of anatomy and function. Neuroimage 62:1311-1315, 2012.