COSC 4931 Embedded Systems

Fall 2012

Homework Assignment #2

"Hello, World!"
-- Dennis Ritchie
Due: Wednesday, February 22nd, 11:00am CST
Submit: Turn in directory containing source code and any appropriate build files using the turnin command on the Systems Lab machines.
Work is to be completed in pairs.

Hello World

Choose from one of the following embedded development platforms in the lab:

Get a basic "hello world" class program to compile, upload, and run on your platform. If your platform has an LCD panel or equivalent device, use it, otherwise output on the serial console. If this is very complex on your platform, start with blinking an on-board LED.


The purpose of this assignment is to begin collecting the information and tools required to develop successfully with these platforms. I suggest several key steps:

This assignment has an above-average time span (2 weeks) because this is going to require some start up time, information gathering and experimentation on the part of all of the teams. Don't wait to get started on this! Bring questions when you're stuck.

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