COSC 3300 Networks and Internets

Fall 2010

Homework Assignment #6

Due: Tuesday, November 23rd, 11:59pm CST
Submit: Turn in your entire kernel source code using the turnin command on the Systems Lab machines.
Work is to be completed in teams. Only one team member should turnin, but it would be courteous to notify your teammate(s) when you do this. Names of authors should be included in all work. You may submit multiple times, but only the last turnin will be kept. The automatic submission system will not accept work after the deadline.

Internet Control Message Protocol

Building upon your Embedded Xinu kernel from the previous assignment, implement a basic ICMP component for the system that supports echo request (ping) and echo reply.

Your new component should feature the following:

  • A shell command "ping" that initiates a sequence of echo requests and displays corresponding echo replies.
  • A mechanism for answering incoming ICMP echo requests with echo replies.
  • Note that your ping command will need to resolve the MAC address of the destination IP address using last assignment's ARP component.

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