Bioinformatics Program

by Anne Clough

Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin have recently announced a new joint program leading to a Master of Science in Bioinformatics. The program was formally approved during the summer of 2001 and graduate students were accepted into the program beginning with the Fall 2001 semester.  Although the program is administered through the Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science department at MU, it is an inter-institutional, interdisciplinary program in which students take courses at both institutions in subject areas such as computer science, biology, physiology, genetics, statistics, and engineering.

Bioinformatics, a subset of computational biology, is the study and practice of applying quantitative analysis tools to data obtained from biological experiments. The goal is to gain insight into biological and genetic function and structure using sophisticated theoretical models. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be equipped to create state-of-the-art computing applications for the biomedical sciences. The program is designed to accommodate either part-time or full-time students, with either a strong computer science or basic science undergraduate degree.

The development of this program was led by Dr. Peter Tonellato, a long-time faculty member in MSCS, who is now a full-time faculty member at Medical College of Wisconsin. As the director of the Bioinformatics Research Center at MCW, his research is aimed at collecting, analyzing, annotating, and presenting genetic data as well as performing advanced pattern-based probability studies for gene discovery, mapping and function identification.  In addition, Dr. Craig Struble joined the MSCS department from Virginia Tech this summer. He also is interested in computational issues that arise in genetic mapping.

The co-directors for the program are Dr. Anne Clough (MU) and Dr. Peter Tonellato (MCW).  For further information, please visit the program's website ( or send email to Anne Clough at  Application information and materials can be obtained directly from





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